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What Is The Point Of Blogging?

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This is probably a daft question on a site where during the whole of 2017 I didn’t actually write anything, yet I continued to pay hosting fees, and I think I even bought some plugins.

However, for me the whole point of having a blog is that it gives you a digital home to bring all the things that you hold close to you and use your freedom of speech to write what you want / promote what you want.

As an individual in the modern age I think it’s imperative that you own a little bit of the internet and have enough knowledge to work out how the internet works and give yourself the power to publish content and see what the world thinks about your ideas.

I appreciate that sounds scary, but when you look at the world of social media and personal branding, it’s super easy to create a banner with yourbrand.com or say it in the intro / outro of any video you make.

My kids are always watching “plonkers” on youtube who annoyingly make a fortune, but they’re clever marketer’s who divert traffic from that channel to their own website where they have a lot more monetization options than you would have if they didn’t own a blog / brand. In fact I’ve just googled them, and they have shop selling their own dog calender’s and surprise surprise you can also join their mailing list.

Like most things worth doing, blogging does have a hurdle you need to jump over to get started. You need to buy a domain, buy some hosting, and spend some time on youtube / google learning how to get started with wordpress. Should you get stuck hundreds of courses are available to help you get started, and most are available for a small fee.

Anyone who says that’s too difficult or expensive probably has the wrong attitude, and is probably that person on facebook who’s the first person looking to piss on your chips when you have good news to share.

In conclusion if you have a story to share and want to make friends and connections across the world then it’s time to start blogging and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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About the author: Andrew is a scientist who happens to know a lot about the technical aspects of blogging and listbuilding. If you have an issue with wordpress or your autoresponder and setting up squeezepages please get in touch via email / twitter or hire him on fiverr.

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