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The Great List Building Hoax

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Why is that when you buy a list building product all you get (at best) is a variation of the following?

  1. Get a website (domain and hosting)
  2. Get a free gift to give away (ebook, audio, video, email newsletter)
  3. Get an autoresponder account like AWeber
  4. Make a squeeze page (short html page) with a pitch for your free gift
  5. Add your Autoresponder form to the squeeze page
  6. Add follow up emails to your Autoresponder
  7. Send traffic to your squeeze page
  8. Be good to your list… (teach them, offer them quality stuff.. both for free and paid stuff..)

The salespage will sprinkle in claims of $1 per month per subscriber with an automatic push button solution and instantly you fall into the trap of assuming that the person you bought this course from is trustworthy and knows what they are talking about.

My biggest gripe with this sort of course is that they never explain the concept of personal branding, and automatically assume that you want to target the “Make Money Online” niche. You stand a much better chance of success if you build a list based on something you know and have a passion for, and in a lot of cases applying listbuilding to a different niche will be the most profitable for you.

The trouble is that this won’t be most profitable for the owner of the report, hence it’s barely ever mentioned.

I’ve been looking at “listbuilders” asking for reviews of their squeezepages over at the warrior forum and it saddens me that these people have taken action and have gone backwards by following the advice given above. If someone tells you that any old PLR report and optimizepress is how you create a squeezepage followed up with “Buy Solo Adverts” it’s time to put your fingers in your ears and add that person to the ignore list.

But Why Are PLR reports & Solo Adverts Bad?

To create a relationship with subscribers you need to use the one thing you have that makes you different from everyone else – your own personality. I’ve read many reports which are 25 pages of bland writing, full of filler, spelling and grammar mistakes that want you to get out the digital red pen. A bad first impression like this won’t be building the kind of relationship that leads to them buying something from you.

If you’re lucky the chapter outline in a PLR report may be good enough that you can convert it into something you would be proud to put your name against. Speaking of which you will look much more professional if you buy an ecover and get your name on the front with a great title. Here’s the link to the fiverr seller who made the cover for my Headline Report.


So with a good quality report and some personal branding in place how do we get traffic to the page?

Solo Adverts used to be the answer, but sadly this market place has gone the way of investment banking where greed and corruption have ruined it. The prices I see of a hundred plus dollars for 200 clicks makes my eyes water, and then if you join a sellers list to test out the quality you find that you get bombarded with multiple offers everyday which are totally random based upon who was daft enough to purchase that day.

One day the seller will be advertising a SEO report, the next day it’s Social Media, followed by a blind squeezepage with a rented mansion and ferarri on the drive. How can this sort of traffic ever be worth $1 a click!

If you’re targeting a specific niche where you have a passion then you will already know the forums and popular blogs in the niche, so buy advertising on the sites that you visit and get a list of people who have the same passion and views as yourself. That last sentance is your golden nugget for today, write it down on your whiteboard.

Reality Check Over

I really hope that you’ve managed to steer clear of the “churn & burn” brigade who are unwittingly trying to teach you listbuilding when all they have is the 8 points above but want to sell you a product without actually knowing enough to teach it properly.

Andrew Stark

Blatent link to my Build A Quality List Course which is currently on sale as a Warrior Special Offer

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About the author: Andrew is a scientist who happens to know a lot about the technical aspects of blogging and listbuilding. If you have an issue with wordpress or your autoresponder and setting up squeezepages please get in touch via email / twitter or hire him on fiverr.

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  • Sergio Felix October 22, 2012, 7:57 pm

    Hey Andrew,

    It’s all about being yourself but just like you said, product creators assume too much and list building is not an exception to the rule.

    Right now I have a friend inside Facebook complaining that he didn’t know anything about Hostgator and I was explaining that the current countdown to receive a 40% off discount is not false, they are REALLY taking the offer down after that clock reaches zero.

    So he is going back and forth asking me if I’m 100% sure it’s not a false tactic to get more sales because apparently he can’t get enough money right now so go figure… if this guy grabbed a plr ebook that showed how to get a domain, hosting and install a wordpress blog, chances are he WOULD know at least about hostgator by now and maybe even about wordpress (because I highly doubt he knows about it).

    So it all depends on what level you are, if you are a seasoned marketer, there’s no good enough excuse for you to be using plr content in any way but if you’re just getting started and currently learning, I don’t see much of a problem with learning from PLR.

    Heck, I have learned a lot of stuff myself on topics that I know nothing about.

    If we talk exclusively about list building I would never “hook” someone else’s e-mail on my own campaigns.

    I have never done swaps and I’m not going to start with that either, people as you said, signed up to get MY stuff not someone else’s.

    Awesome article Andrew, I can see you as an authority on list building already my friend.


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