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It all starts with +1

Ask almost anyone who’s achieved what you think is a massive goal, and they will tell it didn’t happen overnight.

In sport it takes hour of dedicated practice, eating all the right foods, and a lot of personal sacrafice to get in perfect shape and win. In business it involves taking action on the products you buy, and not being afraid to have a few failures along the way.

One of the leader’s in the Traffic Exchange and Mailer’s niche is Jon Olson, and his mantra is all about teaching you the +1 methodology. Going back to the title of this post, if you want to have hundreds of people joining your list per day in the future your focus just now should be “What Do I Need To Do Today To Get One Subscriber?”

This will mean different things to different people.

Step 1 for many might be investing in the 30 day Rocket Responder trial and creating that first squeezepage.

For other’s it might be just getting used to the idea that at some point in the near future they’re going to have to invest money and start learning all about listbuilding.

It really isn’t as difficult as people think, all you need is some basic computer skills and an injection of personality to make people open your emails.

How to +1 without spending anything

As it’s now 2015 and we’re all connected via smartphones you can essentially skip the associated costs of listbuilding and build up your social media profiles.

Concentrate on the network you use most, and make it your aim to +1 new follower everyday.

The goal here is not to go out and follow a thousand random people in the hope that some will follow you back. It’s all about quality not quantity, so pick out your top 10 leaders and start having quality interactions with them.

If they post something interesting then retweet it, if they write a blog post then take 5 minutes to write a response that will get you noticed and marked out as someone with potential. The more you share your opinions and passions the easier it will become to establish your online value and find that people are now pushed towards your profile rather than being pulled away by adverts.

It’s now over to you…

Leave a comment below to let me know that a spark has been ignited and you’re going to give this crazy +1 methodology a punt.

Feel free to add your twitter details in the reply and I might end up being your +1 connection for today?





More Important Than Your Smartphone?

Ask most people in the western world what their most important possession is, and chances are they will answer “smartphone”. The reason for this is due to the wonders of having a connection to the wider world and being able to find out tons of useless trivia in seconds.

I mean is it really important that you can find out the capital of Eritrea is Asmara?

Thanks to all this technology in the palm of our hands I feel the world is actually getting a little bit more stupid, and we’re becoming too reliant on being given information and taking it as fact rather than working things out and taking actions based on facts and good reasoning.

Tracking Your Adverts Will Help Pay For Your Smartphone Bills

When it comes to advertising online with traffic exchanges and mailers we see dozens of ranking sites telling you which are the best sites to join to generate traffic and make money. Sadly I feel that many of the people behind these sites are telling white lies and put the sites that pay them the highest rates at the top of the rankings.

The reason I can say this is that I have several years of data and experience around advertising and creating my own pages that have a known long term average conversion figure.

What I’ve found is the sites in the top 10 of most ranking sites are very good at delivering traffic as they are normally the biggest and most active sites. The trouble is that when it comes to conversion I find that the figures are sometimes below average.

That means one of three things.

#1 The traffic is rubbish and it’s just robots looking at your pages.

#2 All of the active users of that site are already on my list 🙂

#3 I need to create a new page that stands out and gives people what they want.

What Site Is Working Best For You At The Moment?

Recently I bought TruckLoadofAds which is a site full of promo codes.

To use the codes I’ve joined a whole load of different sites, many of which I’ve never heard of, and some of which have terrible design and user experience. Some of the sites where I was expecting nothing have resulted in brilliant new subscribers who have gone on to join Kore4 as they’ve not been brainwashed by surfing the same sites and seeing the same adverts all the time.

It’s better to be a small fish covering the whole ocean than a whale who’s stuck in a lake.

Calculate Your Cost Per Action

It’s important to work out these figures when deciding on where to spend your advertising budget.

Credit Deals

As I’m using the sites to build my list I know that I’m happy to pay $1 per subscriber as across the marketing funnel and broadcasts I send to the list that this can be recouped.

By doing some basic maths I know that for credit purchases when the cost per thousand hits is $1 that I need to achieve a conversion of 0.1%. I will then examine the stats later in the week to monitor the traffic flow, and see if that site is working out for me.

In the race to the bottom where owners give too much away it is sometimes better to pay more and see if higher conversions can be achieved. It’s better to pay $2.50 per thousand and get 0.5% conversion than keep on spending $1 per thousand and being happy with 0.1%.


With all the new sites launching I’ve been stung too many times with lifetime upgrades at sites which are now like something out of Jurrasic Park, so I point blank refuse to take any of these deals. I do find that new sites are very active, so a discounted monthly membership that can be cancelled is a much better option.

This is really good in the mailer world as during the launch period you can get > 10% open rates and good conversions as you’re getting your adverts in front of all the new members who are coming in fresh and just following the herd.

Contradicting myself slightly here, but if you are going to promote the sites that feature high in the rankings then you should think about upgrading first. This is down to the way that the structure of these sites is set up to screw over the free members. If you are going to spend your time and effort promoting a site you want to know that you will be well rewarded in return, which makes it a no-brainer to upgrade and get 50% rather than scraping the barrel for 10%.

It also means that you get bonus advertising and a higher rate when surfing / clicking, so you can work out if more traffic brings in more leads?

Unique v Volume

It’s an accepted made up statistic that people need to view you advert up to a dozen times before they take any sort of notice to your message. That means if you are getting 100% unique traffic then it’s going to be pretty difficult to get results. Equally if the same person sees your page 100 times and doesn’t take action it’s fair to say that your message is being ignored by that person.

When I look at my stats across a wide cross section of sites I’ve found that my stats are ~ 70% unique, and I think that’s a good number as it means I’m getting repeat views and even those who don’t join my list are seeing my advertising and I’m building up my brand. That means that if I change my advert it may be more suited to them?

How Much Traffic?

I would say that in order to fully evaluate an advert it needs to have at least 10,000 visitors from at least 10 different sites. In terms of conversions I would be looking at having generated anywhere between 10 and 100 subscribers. By looking at the stats you may find that all of the leads came from 2 of the sites, that means you should be concentrating on them in the future and leaving the other 8 behind.

Once you have a page that is converting well it’s time to start split testing to really improve your offer.

Does changing the colour / font of the headline make a difference? I’ve found that changing the background video has doubled conversion, which means that I don’t have to worry about smartphone bills.


It’s down to you as the advertiser to keep track of the traffic you generate, and if you’re just sending it to generic affiliate pages I urge you to think about creating your own pages and start building your own business first.

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Your Advert Will Self Destruct In 5…..

This post is essentially a reply to this post from Jon Olson of HitExchangeNews.

It really does amaze me when I click for credits at mailers / traffic exchanges what some people are advertising. The standard of what’s on offer is so low it’s little wonder that the wider IM community looks down on these traffic sources as if it’s stood on something rather unpleasant.

The mindset of the majority of people looking at your advert isn’t wow I really need that, it’s more where’s the credit link or matched item that takes me closer to the next badge. Essentially it means you have one second or less to make an impression.

This means the following pages are effectively marketing suicide:

  • Bloated salespage where the video takes 5 seconds to load
  • Anything when the call to action requires scrolling
  • Pages which don’t follow Jon’s Attention, Curiosity, Action method
  • The same latest launch as everyone else to earn $0.50 per referral but never reach the $10 minimum payout!

Recently I moved away from Landing Page Monkey to a different design, and trust me when you find it’s still at zero conversion after 842 hits you know it’s time to cut your losses.

To help you out here’s a screenshot of my current “gold standard” pages that I’m split testing against.


Explode Your List

This page has a video background of an explosion, and it outperformed the previous page which had dollars falling from the sky. This suggests that having video background captures attention?

The actual copy is simple and clear, it talks directly to the people who are clicking and tells them how they would benefit from my knowledge.

For the call to action the opt-in form appears on clicking bold text.

Traffic Exchange’s

Andrew Stark CTP Badge

This page works as it attracts the ClickTrackProfit community who are out doing daily challenges and working hard to gain XP for their teams.

The actual design is clear and sticks out like a sore thumb to surfer’s as the image has nothing to do with marketing hype such as fast cars, big houses, or sunny beaches.

Again the form is hidden behind the call to action.

Earlier this month I saw a stupendous 7% conversion when badge hunters were out in force for Bill’s birthday badge hunt.

So What Do I Need To Do Next?

Invest money to buy Landing Page Monkey which includes super fast free hosting.

Learn how to use the evergreen products such as Rocket Responder & TRCK.Me (links in sidebar) and start being the purple cow who achieves results rather than the white sheep who just follows and ends up getting eaten.

Lastly if you really want honest advice please spend a fiverr so I can point you in the right direction.


The Crush Campaign That Didn’t Scare The Can…

It was last week that I sat down for half an hour with my autoresponder following what I was lead to believe was a proven strategy. It was basically a set of 7 messages to be sent out over a limited 72 hour sale. When I read through the content I found it funny and informative, and would have made me buy the product.

In particular I like the message “drop EVERYTHING (apart from your underpants)” and I’m sure that when Michael used it in a promotion for a different product it made me actually buy through his link.

Overall the campaign was not a total failure, as it did generate a lot more visitors to the salespage. The trouble was that the conversion was dismal.

Looking at the stats in JVZoo the product was Product of the Day shifting thousands of copies at > 10% conversion, and I was the poor affiliate bringing down the averages. 🙁

So basically I’m looking for feedback on this whole conundrum.

What stopped you from spending $7 on the Facebook Fan Page Money method?

Was it the subject matter, the copy & paste e-mails, or just general apathy?

Should I have been offering a bonus, sending less messages, or doing anything else to give you more details?

Look forward to your answers, the more honesty the better.


Top May Mailers

Like many other members of the very active Safelist Marketing Facebook group I’m going to share some stats for the month of May.

What I have found this month (from ~ 10,000 visitors) is that by changing the video background I was able to come up with an improvement in conversion. I also found out that I created a dud page as the conversion dropped right down to zero conversion from 829 visitors,  but on moving back to Landing Page Monkey it started to generate leads again.

This shows you the importance of using tracking and why split testing can be the difference between profits and loss.

Remember that in this niche getting close to 1% conversion is gold standard, and it’s important that you send your traffic to a squeezepage. This means an autoresponder such as Rocket Responder is another evergreen product you need to be using to grow your business.

I’ll just stick to the top 5, and again it’s no coincidence that these are sites where I’m either currently upgraded or have been in the past.

#1 List Nerds – Business Membership.

#2 Wild Hog Mailer – Requires you to pay a nominal fee to join

#3 Viral List Builder Plus – Achieved top 5 as a free member…

#4 The Lead Magnet – Requires upgrade to generate enough traffic

#5 Mister Safelist – You can’t click for credits anywhere without seeing Jerry 🙂