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Does Periscope Live Up To The Hype?

If you read the tech blogs then you will know that live streaming is the current darling of social media types, but what if you’re not a bearded hipster who drinks craft beer from a jam jar?

About a month ago I was listening to some business podcasts and decided to take the plunge and installed the periscope app on my android smartphone. It’s backed by twitter, so it automatically connected me with the early adapters and as I’m writing this post I’m learning from Darren Rowse of ProBlogger giving out tips on how to write a killer first sentence.

So far I’ve only done 3 scopes, but having watched a load it’s easy to work out what to do / say, and watching people like Michael Cheney make it easy to get the basics of becoming an engaging scoper. It was awesome to listen to his advice on what not to do on your scopes, and it helps that he makes me laugh with his comments, he must have the same book of dad jokes!

You need to think of each scope like a blog post, where you have a good headline, the main bullet points for your content, and then actually try to engage with your audience.

For example if your broadcasting and see someone join the scope, give them a shout out. You need to remember that your replay is online for 24 hours, so even if you have no live viewers it’s worth telling people to tap the screen and give you hearts and share if they got value from the content.

Most of all you should integrating with a site called fullscope.tv so you can get exact details of your audience, including their twitter details so you can thank them for taking the time to watch you.

How Can I Get The Most From Periscope?

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that Periscope is a great way to interact with like minded people who want to share and talk about their passions.

Find, watch, follow and get to know the mavern’s of your niche, and then once you get the courage to get on camera good things will happen.

Lastly here’s a link to some basic training that helped me get started with Periscope.


What Keeps You Awake At Night?

I was going through Rapid Email Profits and after you’ve drilled down into your sub niche (golfers who want to learn how to drive the ball better) you want to think about the fears to find the triggers that will make them buy your product / listen to you over and above the other people in your market.

As I have been known to play some golf in the past I know that Alex was on to something when he gave this example. I know exactly how to drive the ball nice and long, I can easily get it up into the air and launch it over 200 yards with my driver.

The trouble is that it doesn’t happen all the time, and if I was stood on the first tee with an audience watching I’m never sure what’s going to happen. It could skim along the ground, go sky high, or wide right? Even worse it could come right off the toe and wack off the clubhouse and end up backwards.

So if I was writing a sales page or promoting a product relating to this sub niche I would make sure that the product also covers this angle, and get’s people to become emotional about the product. This builds on something else I’ve heard where “Facts Tell, But Stories Sell” which might have also been inspired by Alex Jeffreys’ content.

So moving away from golf back to a real niche that I’m hoping most you are interested in, the world of traffic generation via mailers and traffic exchanges. I’m looking to get started with Persicope and I’m hoping that if you share with me the questions you have that keep you awake at night I will try to cover that content in my broadcasts.

It could be testing and tracking, setting up your own splash / squeezepages, building a list, or anything else that you really want me to discuss.

Really looking forward to creating unique content that will give you clarity about online business.



The Quickest & Easiest Way To Boost Your Paypal Account!

I know the title may appear to be a little bit spammy, but trust me the launch of paypal.me makes it super easy for you to accept payments.

Let’s say your out for coffee with a friend and you find you’ve left your wallet at home. Your friend settles the bill, but as you don’t like being in debt you can pay them directly if they’ve set up paypal.me

Here’s the 3 steps you need to do in order to receive payments:

#1 Visit Paypal.me and click the big “Get Started” Button

#2 Add your unique identifier, in my case I was able to pick andrewstark

#3 Link the page to your existing paypal account.

The extra hint here is that you can personalise the page further, and you can also add a number at the end to signify a specific amount. I’ve created the banner below to be worth £3 and will look at integrating it onto as many pages as possible.

Buy Andrew A Drink

If you take action on this and send me a tweet to share you page I might just be the first person to send you a dollar to congratulate you on taking action.


So Who’s Fault Is It I’m Not An Internet Millionaire?

It’s now well over a decade since I made that first “make money online” purchase, and over those years I’ve probably spent well over ten thousand dollars on product / services. During the boom years (pre 2008) I was clearing 4 figures per month, and it really was the copy & paste lifestyle by just promoting every butterfly marketing website launch you were able to sell “thin air” at $97 as credit was easy and debt was not something that bothered people.

Anyway to cut a long story short I moved into the “churn & burn” world of solo adverts and found out the hard way that the market had changed, and essentially it soon became clear that you need to actually have real content and build relationships with real people if you want to actually have a real business online rather than just a squeezepage, a list of names, and some affiliate links.

I’ve also found that as children grow up and start having social interactions you can’t spend every evening on the computer clicking for traffic, posting in forums, whilst battling information overload about what’s the most important thing to do first?

My view on life at this moment in time is not about chasing millions on the internet, it’s about having a reliable steady income stream which allows me to pay all my bills and have enough quality family time.  That means I’m just doing just enough online to break even each month and still keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening. I aim to create a new funnel this month which will generate leads from safelists / traffic exchanges and return me to a 3 figure monthly profit rather than just being happy with break even.

So I guess the reason why I’m not an internet millionaire yet is that I’ve not invested enough time, money, and effort yet. What I am happy about is that I know if the worst were to happen and I got redundancy then it’s clear in my mind that full time focus would lead to a full time income online.

I would create myself 2 income streams, one through freelancing, and another through selling digital information products through email marketing.

The ground work and knowledge for me to become an internet millionaire is in place, it’s just down to me to find the balls to actually walk the walk rather than just talking the talk.

What’s Stopping You?

I wrote this post after listening to a Plus 1 Monday Podcast. I wanted to put a positive spin on the vortex of doom, and explain why sometimes just spinning your wheels and doing enough to break even is better than quitting and blaming other people for my decisions to focus on other areas of my life.

To me I think that we all have the capability to work full time online and become financially independent, it’s just a case of looking in the mirror and avoiding the blame game when you hit the buffers. Keep on working hard and taking the right action to make good things happen.



Facts Tell, But Stories Sell

This post is all about helping you to achieve better results from the +1 theory to which I must thank Jon Olson and the team who helped him get this idea online.

If you decide to take action everyday you will soon notice that slowly and surely you start to see better results. Here’s a example of a daily task that you can do to generate traffic and get noticed.

  • Find and follow 1 person on social media who is active in your niche.
  • Show you have passion by sharing the hot topic of the day and give your opinion on those high traffic blog posts.
  • Rinse and repeat everyday – if you get bored then you’ve picked the wrong niche!

Inject Your Personality Into Your Marketing

If you want to get results you need to give people a reason to follow you, or even better click through to your website, join your list, and then take an action that results in you earning cash 🙂

Here’s a few good examples from twitter of how to get your message across.


If you were to look these up you will find a consistent story that matches their profile with regular tweets which are a mixture of content, opinions, and just generally shows that they’re humans who want to have interactions with other humans.

Adrienne is everywhere on the blogs I read and has lead to some really good +1 connections.

Marcus is the branding king of traffic exchanges, if you go 50 pages without seeing one of the sites he owns being promoted then the site is not worth surfing.

It wouldn’t be a post about the +1 theory without mentioning Jon, his passion on the subject is amazing.

Nick is the person who gave me the idea to write this post for his blog carnival which takes ideas from the wider traffic exchange community and highlights the many different ways to apply the +1 theory.

So What’s Your Story?

If you were to share this post and I was to look at your profile, would I know instantly what do you stand for? If you’re profile is a picture of a hot chick and all the links talk about easy money then I’m afraid to say that like most sensible people I will instantly click away from your profile and sigh out of frustration that someone has told you that was a good idea.

I want to see someone who’s made an effort to start telling a story about what they want to achieve with the internet and what their little corner of the online world looks like. Personally I like to buy products on recommendation and look forward to seeing how people are able to convince me that I need another product to solve a problem, or more software to make things easier.

If you don’t have a story to tell, then I suggest you start thinking about creating one for yourself as in today’s digital age the leader’s are all able to instantly able to generate traffic, and one social share could be enough to change your life.

I look forward to comments here and over at the blog carnival where Nick has set up a little reward for those of you are actually looking to get noticed in the traffic exchange community and wider niches.