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How To Make Money This Weekend #FACupFinal

In the UK it’s FA Cup Weekend, and that means a huge audience will be watching the football live on Saturday via the BBC. It also means that a lot of people will be tempted into gambling, and so bookmakers are all offering deals to get your custom.

Here’s a typical offer that you will be able to take advantage to make some extra cash, if you want to know the exact bookmaker’s then you get all this information via Profit Accumulator where creating your free account will show you how to make £45.

Online Betting

To qualify for the free bet we have some terms and conditions we need to meet, and that means we have to place £20 at the bookmaker of odd > 1.5, so looking at current odds I can place my bet on Man Utd to win at 1.75.

That means if Man Utd were to win I would get £35 back for my £20 stake.

But what happen’s if it’s a draw or Crystal Palace win?

To cover this possibility we need to act as a bookmaker by using an exchange such as Smarkets or Betfair. If we lay our bet here against Man Utd it means that we can recoup as much as possible of our £20 that we would lose if they fail to win.

By using a simple online calculator provided by Profit Accumulator we can work out how the liability at the exchange.

Profit Accumulator

This means that whatever happens we will have lose 73 pence, but it qualifies us for the £10 free bet during the actual match.

So assuming that we will have access to the internet during the final we can then take half-time to assess what is happening and generate our profit.

Now we’re looking to find a bet where the odds are ~ 5.0 as this will give us a good profit without having to go crazy with our lay stake on the exchanges. Let’s assume that the game is 0-0 at half time, so the odds will be quite similar to the start, so a Crystal Palace win will still have the odds we’re looking for.

Free Profit Accumulator

At the end of the match we will now have generated a profit of £6.85, which on it’s own is not that exciting. Where it does get exciting is that you have many different bookmakers who will be offering similar deals.

What’s more is that you are able to do these type of offers on many high profile events, and you can also use Profit Accumulator to find bookmakers who will also give you various incentives to join and place bets on their sites, with up to £200 on offer this can be very lucrative.

So in summary you need to be based in the UK and have ~ £65 to cover the initial £20 stake and liability at the exchanges.

Should you have any further questions please let me know as I’ve been doing these for the last month or so and am closing in on £1,000 profits through match betting.


Five Great Places To Buy Advertising This Spring

For the last 2 weeks I’ve not really done much clicking on Traffic Exchanges or Mailers as I’ve become slightly addicted to Match Betting. I’ve managed to do most of the initial offers, so now I’m limited to promotions around big sporting events.

Now Match Betting is only open to those based in the UK, and given I’ve made £350 profit already I’m going to start investing in advertising properly and start buying credit deals / upgrades to get more traffic and leads into my funnels.

Here’s a list of sites where I would make sure you join, and assuming that you have a marketing funnel in place I would look at buying some advertising.

#1 State-Of-The-Art-Mailer 

Email Marketing Evolved!

You always have enough messages to reach the 3,000 every 5 days, and you most e-mails I send result in new subscribers.

#2 Cool Cat Hits

A regular site for ClickTrackProfit promotions, so it has been steadily growing with a good return on the credit purchase I made during the recent badge hunt.

#3 EmailXProfits

Been a strong performer since launch, and I just picked up 5000 credits for $3.95 via a login offer so that I will be able to get 5 messages out and save at least an hour’s worth of time clicking (win win).

#4 Thumbvu

free manual traffic exchange

Top performer of my Kore4 upgrade and I try to spend my credits on the daily spotlight as that I get better branding by being seen the most.

#5 List Surfing

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

No list of places to buy advertising would be complete without a Darren Olander site, and this hybrid site has been converting well based on occasional surfing to keep active, and on clicking the mails I’ve made several good contacts through social media.

The Purple Cow Approach

In order to make it worth while buying advertising you need to be promoting your own landing page, have set up tracking, and be promoting a proven product or service which will result in some sort of action that will be profitable for you.

You need to tell people who you are, and why they should listen to you rather than all of the other people across the internet who have the same affiliate links.

Hope this helps you get better results this spring.


p.s. Apologies to those of you lucky enough to be in the southern hemisphere, enjoy the cooler weather that comes with Autumn.


The Greatest Traffic Exchange Upgrade #Kore4


Please excuse the “big hair” but since Jon sent me the T-shirt I felt that I had to do a broadcast, and it couldn’t wait until my appointment on Good Friday.

If you do have any questions please get in touch, and make sure that you load Periscope onto your phone or tablet and follow AndrewStark so that you know when I go live and can actually have a conversation with you about stuff.


It’s badge hunt time again over at ClickTrackProfit, which means that thousands of people are looking to do simple or complicated tasks to earn badges. Previously I’ve added hundreds of people to my lists by buying a badge, so getting people to join your list is a clever thing to do.

<rant> When I fill in your form I don’t want to see blank RocketResponder pages </rant>

Here’s what I’m talking about (the details have been blurred to save embarrassment) and have seen THREE times tonight from different offenders.


Now I’m not green around the ears, so I know that if I join a list that I need to confirm, but you can’t assume that everyone will know this. That’s why I generally create a specific confirm page where I introduce myself and try to make people an offer related to the lead magnet.

So it makes perfect sense that if I’m building a list of people who want list building tips that lesson 1 is that you need an autoresponder, and my aim is to make sure they see my rocketresponder affiliate link.

That’s why I end up so disappointed that on confirming my details I see this page 🙁


If you do this you’ve just missed out 2 fantastic opportunities to get eyeballs onto your money pages.

All you need to do is add 2 links inside your autoresponder account. Below is a screenshot of inside my account of where you hit options once you’ve designed your form.

Taking 5 minutes to think about what your money pages are and adding them in here could earn you hundreds and even thousands.


Once you’ve done this I’m happy to say that you’ve moved from newbie to intermediate and will start to see more income coming your way.



The Secret To Selling Affiliate Products Via Email

A couple of days ago I was watching a video from Omar Martin inside the Buzzinar member’s area, and he was talking about list segmentation. Despite having my aweber account for 10 years it’s not something I’ve ever been that bothered about, until now.

I don’t want to copy Omar, so I’ll give you my own example.

Imagine you own a shop and you notice one of your regular customers standing at the till waiting to buy at the checkout. You would walk up to that person and say “How would you like to pay today Jimmy?”. On looking at the product you notice that the brand has just launched the next model higher and tell Jimmy that for an extra X dollars he would get a better product and save Y dollars.

Jimmy then replies with “Thanks, I hadn’t noticed that deal, and it’s exactly what I’m looking for”, and the transaction ends with both parties happy.

Above is an example of a “buyer’s list” where you have an established relationship based on trust. That’s why Frank Kern can put out an email saying “Buy My Shit” and generate six figures in an afternoon whilst enjoying the sunshine in San Diego.

Next into the shop is Julie, she’s new to town. If you just went up to her and said “Cash or Card for your purchase today?” the chances of Julie buying something are slim. What’s worse is that she will tell her friends on social media about the terrible experience she had today with a pushy shop owner who tried to sell here stuff she didn’t want.


Understand the type of people who join your list and approach them at the appropriate level. When someone lands on your page the message should be “Welcome to my widget shop, how can I help you today?” or “Can I tempt you with a free sample of cake today?”

This is why you send cold traffic to a squeeze / landing page rather than your main salesletter, as you want to warm the customer to both the product and you the seller.

Remember that pages which tell people who you are and what you will be selling work much much better than blind sales copy which is the same as the pushy “Cash or Card” tactic above that will make Julie close her browser and report your website as spam.

Once we have welcomed the likes of Julie into the shop it’s time to strike up a conversation and see if what you’re selling is something they’re looking for today, or they’re just browsing?

Browsing is fine, as now you’ve introduced yourself it’s over to the autoresponder to turn Julie into a repeat visitor to your shop, or even better a customer.

Here’s 3 different outcomes of what will happen as Julie get’s your messages.

#1 She decides she doesn’t actually need what you’re selling, but knows that if she ever did need widget X she can come back at any time.

#2 She decides to buy the occasional small item from you.

#3 She can’t get enough of your product and buys every new line you get into the shop.

Now setting all this up is going to take time and effort, but if your serious about email marketing then you will find the time to do this. If you just take the easy option and keep on just promoting affiliate links to anyone and everyone then it won’t be long before you go out of business.

Look forward to reading your comments and seeing you share this story with your friends via social media.



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