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By W. Fasim. University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Initial work on the production of highly porous electrodes has already been successfully carried out discount 250 mg meldonium fast delivery, and the extension to uni-directional bundles of wires will no doubt soon follow. The ability to produce threads, discs and spheres of defined size and structure will be of great importance when the very promising initial results from catalytic studies are applied on a larger scale. Processes using heterogeneous catalysts require the ability to control particle size and shape in order to ensure good mixing of all the reaction components, and separations after reaction. A further application of this technology will certainly be the fabrica- tion of membranes of these materials. Membrane reactors have shown great utility in many systems, where one component of a reaction mixture can be separated by permeation through a membrane, thus driving a reac- tion forwards, by continuous separation. Looking further ahead, the pores in these materials could be consid- ered as analogous to ion channels in cell walls. The encapsulation of the enzyme inside the cell could then possibly be used to protect the enzyme from harsh conditions outside the cell, while allowing reaction components to diffuse in, react, and diffuse out again. Already, some effort is being expended on silica/biological composites, with significant advances being made. MACQUARRIE discovery of the MTSs in 1992, such major advances will no doubt become reality in the early years of the twenty-first century. May School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, Bristol BS81TS, UK Diamond has some of the most extreme physical properties of any material, yet its practical use in science or engineering has been limited due its scarcity and expense. With the recent development of techniques for depositing thin films of diamond on a variety of substrate materials, we now have the ability to exploit these superlative properties in many new and exciting applications. In this paper, we shall explain the basic science and technology underlying the chemical vapour deposition of diamond thin films, and show how this is leading to the development of diamond as a twenty-first century engineering material. They were prized for their scarcity for centuries, and still remain a symbol of wealth and prestige to this day. Diamonds were first mined in India over 4000 years ago, but the modern diamond era only began in 1866, when huge diamond deposits were discovered in Kimberley, South Africa, creating a huge rush of European prospectors. The wealth this created helped to underwrite the British Empire, and changed the fates of many African countries. Apart from their appeal as gemstones, diamonds possess a remarkable 75 76 P.

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Very specialized electrodiag- nostic testing with a stimulated single fiber technique meldonium 500mg discount, looking for abnormal jitter and block, is occasionally useful. Evaluation of the clinical response to short-term anticholinesterase inhibi- tor medications can be very useful, but care must be taken to insure a qual- ity test. To be useful as a test for mysathenia, the child must manifest partial and easily testable weakness in a muscle at the time of treatment. A positive test is one where dramatic improvement can be demonstrated within seconds of infusion and the improvement then lapses back to baseline over a period of minutes. Because edriphonium clearly produces autonomic symptoms, care must be taken not to interpret as positive responses that could be attributable more simply to vigorous stimulation—such as the resolution of ptosis in a sleepy infant. In very subtle cases of transient symptoms—such as in children with vari- able ptosis, the sensitivity of each of the above methods may be limited. Use of a randomized paired on=off trial testing standard oral anticholines- terase medications with a blinded observer can be useful in some such cir- cumstances. One parent can give the medication, while the other is instructed to score whether or not the symptom of concern is improved. The observer should also be asked to iden- tify what were the most distinctive features—with post hoc reporting of observed anticholinergic features diminishing the power of the test. Treatment Treatment for children with confirmed MG should be tailored to clinical need. The range of required therapy is vast, with some requiring no therapy and some necessi- tating substantial intervention and tolerance for its associated morbidity (Table 1). Therapeutic modalities include short-term treatment of symptoms with acetylcholi- nesterase inhibiting agents, intermediate term treatment of the antibody response with plasmapheresis and IVIG, and long-term modifiers of the disorder with corti- costeroids, other immunosuppressives, and thymectomy. Oral acetylcholinesterase inhibitor therapy with pyridostigminine bromide can minimize weakness transiently.

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His work was the beginning of a new medical paradigm purchase 500mg meldonium mastercard, the con- servation and exploitation of the unlimited natural plasticity of bone. Ilizarov’s results were astonish- ing, his theory was contrary to orthodox views on bone regeneration. His reputation remained con- fined to Siberia until 1967, when he successfully treated the Russian Olympic highjumper, Valery Brumel who, after a motorcycle accident, had chronically infected nonunited fractures of both legs, even after 14 operations by the best surgeons in Moscow. After treatment by Ilizarov, Brumel, completely healed, went on to jump again in competition. Dr Ilizarov’s years in a small wooden hospital with no research laboratory were over. It became known that he could straighten and lengthen a shattered or deformed leg and the Russian elite in need of orthopedic care journeyed to Kurgan. His Gavriil Abramovich ILIZAROV medical reputation soared into national 1921–1992 prominence and by 1984 he presided over a new 1,000-bed Scientific Center for Reconstructive Gavriil Ilizarov made a remarkable life odyssey Orthopedics and Traumatology, with over 350 from an isolated village in the Caucasus moun- surgeons, 1,500 nurses, 60 doctorate researchers, tains to become a world figure in orthopedics and and 24 operating rooms. He was born in a small Jewish had learned the Ilizarov techniques from community and was unable to attend school until Europeans who had worked directly with him, he was 11 years old because his family had no and were performing Ilizarov limb-saving opera- money for shoes. The use of his methods is widespread: the He graduated from Simferopol Medical North American Association for the Study and School, which had been moved during the war to Application of the Methods of Ilizarov (ASAMI) the Soviet Near East, and in 1944 was sent to the now includes over 200 surgeons. Siberian town of Dolgovka as the only physician Dr Ilizarov was one of the Soviet Union’s most for an area the size of a small European nation. His work is now widely known through- tures, infections, and other complications. He was truly a 156 Who’s Who in Orthopedics remarkable man whose theories and surgical will remember the many ingenious models that he methods have enlightened physicians and saved constructed and delighted in displaying to illus- countless limbs. He leaves behind his equally proficient in designing and constructing wife, Valentina, his children Svetlana, Maria and innovative parts for the elaborate model train Alexander, and his three grandchildren.