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If You Don’t Track Your Traffic , You’ll Hate Yourself Later

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One of my resolution’s for January was to create a new squeezepage, and get it converting at > 1% using safelists. The easy part of this resolution was creating the page via Landing Page Monkey, but then how do I know if I achieve that > 1% target, and more importantly how do I know where the leads actually come from?

This is where tracking comes in, and I’m going to share some the results from my trck.me account.

The first thing you need to do when using a tracker is that you send all your traffic to the link provided by your tracking company. In my case this link is http://trckrs.com/2217/ and if I place the naked link as the credit link in the safelists it will automatically tell me which sites are sending traffic and work out the uniqueness of the traffic.


If I add something to the end of the link after the forward slash then it will show up differently, notice here that you can see I have traffic coming in from banners as well as safelists, and also that the 61 hits from the link in the advert at MisterSafelist was from 3 different viewers, it just so happens one of them opened the link 59 times for reason’s best know to whoever they were?

These results are from the last 7 days, and are from single mailings, hence the high level of uniqueness, so next week I would expect that level to drop, and then conversions should start to rise as you need to remember the old marketing tale that people need to see your offer at least 7 times before taking action.

When using trck.me it can send the traffic to any site you want, but based on the point above I’m setting up the standard page by sending 10,000 hits to get a feeling for the general conversion before carrying out further split testing to see if a different headline, video background, or anything else makes a difference?


So far this week I’ve managed to reach 25% of the target value, and so far the conversion rate is above target 🙂

The next part to look at is the actual conversion field. When setting up my this funnel I added a line of code to the thank-you page. This means that when a visitor takes action the software can tell you which site generated the new lead.

Here’s the statistics based on conversions.


Looking at that you should notice that one traffic source is standing out as being responsible for the lion’s share of the leads. Due to my Kore4 account I have a rather large stash of tokens which I use to bid for the login spotlight.

Normally I get outbid at 11:59 EST or someone buys the spotlight for $10, but this week my bid won, and you can see that I was able to show my page to every active member who logged into the site.

Also you can see that if people do click the link inside the actual mailer rather then just scrolling to the credit link it means they’re actually interested, hence the very high conversions for MailerNinja

What If I Wasn’t Tracking?

This graph is from UpViral which is a service I’m using to add in some social sharing to try and generate extra visitors via social media and give people an incentive to promote me.

It gives the same details of ~ 2,000 unique visitors and 47 people have submitted their details (which is the same as the 44 above when you take out my testing and those generated from the social shares).

Looking at that graph I can see the spike of leads, but if gives me no information about what caused that spike? If I’d just been throwing traffic at the site then I could have wrongly assumed that all the leads came from safelists rather than the CTPspotlight.

So if you are going to be spending time generating traffic you need to make sure that you’re tracking the results of you really will end up hating yourself when you have no idea how to repeat the results in the future.

Personally I really don’t care what service you use, the internet has thousands of different services, but here’s the final link to the service that I use and found to be simple to use and very cost effective.

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About the author: Andrew is a scientist who happens to know a lot about the technical aspects of blogging and listbuilding. If you have an issue with wordpress or your autoresponder and setting up squeezepages please get in touch via email / twitter or hire him on fiverr.

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