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How To Make Money This Weekend #FACupFinal

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In the UK it’s FA Cup Weekend, and that means a huge audience will be watching the football live on Saturday via the BBC. It also means that a lot of people will be tempted into gambling, and so bookmakers are all offering deals to get your custom.

Here’s a typical offer that you will be able to take advantage to make some extra cash, if you want to know the exact bookmaker’s then you get all this information via Profit Accumulator where creating your free account will show you how to make £45.

Online Betting

To qualify for the free bet we have some terms and conditions we need to meet, and that means we have to place £20 at the bookmaker of odd > 1.5, so looking at current odds I can place my bet on Man Utd to win at 1.75.

That means if Man Utd were to win I would get £35 back for my £20 stake.

But what happen’s if it’s a draw or Crystal Palace win?

To cover this possibility we need to act as a bookmaker by using an exchange such as Smarkets or Betfair. If we lay our bet here against Man Utd it means that we can recoup as much as possible of our £20 that we would lose if they fail to win.

By using a simple online calculator provided by Profit Accumulator we can work out how the liability at the exchange.

Profit Accumulator

This means that whatever happens we will have lose 73 pence, but it qualifies us for the £10 free bet during the actual match.

So assuming that we will have access to the internet during the final we can then take half-time to assess what is happening and generate our profit.

Now we’re looking to find a bet where the odds are ~ 5.0 as this will give us a good profit without having to go crazy with our lay stake on the exchanges. Let’s assume that the game is 0-0 at half time, so the odds will be quite similar to the start, so a Crystal Palace win will still have the odds we’re looking for.

Free Profit Accumulator

At the end of the match we will now have generated a profit of £6.85, which on it’s own is not that exciting. Where it does get exciting is that you have many different bookmakers who will be offering similar deals.

What’s more is that you are able to do these type of offers on many high profile events, and you can also use Profit Accumulator to find bookmakers who will also give you various incentives to join and place bets on their sites, with up to £200 on offer this can be very lucrative.

So in summary you need to be based in the UK and have ~ £65 to cover the initial £20 stake and liability at the exchanges.

Should you have any further questions please let me know as I’ve been doing these for the last month or so and am closing in on £1,000 profits through match betting.

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