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How To Build A Downline?

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This subject is something that causes most users of safelists and traffic exchanges to spin their wheels for a long time.

You see the owners will tell you that you must promote your affiliate links so that you can build downlines, these will generate extra traffic for you and everyone who upgrades will mean that you get a commission. Now although technically true what you’re doing here is building up their business and getting yourself stuck in newbie mode.

The true way to build a downline is to think bigger and promote one downline builder in your marketing funnel.

In terms of downline builder I would recommend 3 main sites, but as you can see by looking at the banners and badge I’m using as a lead magnet you should be able to see which one is currently my favourite.

First up is TrafficHoopla or the breakway site ListHoopla

The USP here is testing and results. Each week the list of sites gets updated so you’re always promoting all of the top sites through one single link. The downside is that you get very little self branding and you will need to create your own splash pages, and effectively by promoting it directly you’ve still got the issue that your hard work is building Bill’s business rather than your own.

Second is Affiliate Funnel

I think the motto at the top of the page say’s it all – “Build YOUR Business – Not Someone Else’s”

The reason I love Affiliate Funnel is that it gives you complete control over your affiliate links. It allows you add your own picture for personal branding, and even better you can add your own autoresponder code into the squeezepages.

This really is massive as it’s giving you the leads and allowing you to follow-up with them. Even if they decide not to join Affiliate Funnel you have them on your list and this gives you the chance to form relationships and make sales in the future.

The last cool thing you can do is to put 8 of your favourite sites together and promote them via 1 single link.

Here’s my unique downline builder page – http://www.affiliatefunnel.com/ymp/4/shugster

Last up is ClickTrackProfit

Straight away you will notice that this affiliate link has massive branding as the video is me talking directly to you.

The real power of this downline builder is that it’s actually a training site, so the real massive benefit is that by getting people to take part they will become part of a very unique community where sharing knowledge and trying to focus in on long term self development is key.

I personally find it refreshing that when someone joins and starts pushing affiliate links for crappy triplers and sites that prey on the vunerable that they are told the wrongs of what they are doing. Plenty of people will dislike the TimTech training but personally I find it a refreshing change that will hopefully flourish in 2012.

Summary – How I Build My Downlines…

I promote myself and my own products first, and then include the 3 downline builders above in my marketing funnel. You can see the banners on this blog, they are also on various download pages, and in SafelistSecrets I teach you step by step how to set up Affiliate Funnel.

Hope this helps you

Andrew Stark



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About the author: Andrew is a scientist who happens to know a lot about the technical aspects of blogging and listbuilding. If you have an issue with wordpress or your autoresponder and setting up squeezepages please get in touch via email / twitter or hire him on fiverr.

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  • Vicky January 23, 2012, 2:25 am

    Andrew thank you for this article it is both refreshing and educational. Having a website and trying to sell online is a lifetime precedure. But I don’t want to give it up either.

    Thank You, Vicky

  • Tim January 24, 2012, 12:29 am

    Great info Andrew,I also promote myself first,great advice.

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