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Facts Tell, But Stories Sell

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This post is all about helping you to achieve better results from the +1 theory to which I must thank Jon Olson and the team who helped him get this idea online.

If you decide to take action everyday you will soon notice that slowly and surely you start to see better results. Here’s a example of a daily task that you can do to generate traffic and get noticed.

  • Find and follow 1 person on social media who is active in your niche.
  • Show you have passion by sharing the hot topic of the day and give your opinion on those high traffic blog posts.
  • Rinse and repeat everyday – if you get bored then you’ve picked the wrong niche!

Inject Your Personality Into Your Marketing

If you want to get results you need to give people a reason to follow you, or even better click through to your website, join your list, and then take an action that results in you earning cash 🙂

Here’s a few good examples from twitter of how to get your message across.


If you were to look these up you will find a consistent story that matches their profile with regular tweets which are a mixture of content, opinions, and just generally shows that they’re humans who want to have interactions with other humans.

Adrienne is everywhere on the blogs I read and has lead to some really good +1 connections.

Marcus is the branding king of traffic exchanges, if you go 50 pages without seeing one of the sites he owns being promoted then the site is not worth surfing.

It wouldn’t be a post about the +1 theory without mentioning Jon, his passion on the subject is amazing.

Nick is the person who gave me the idea to write this post for his blog carnival which takes ideas from the wider traffic exchange community and highlights the many different ways to apply the +1 theory.

So What’s Your Story?

If you were to share this post and I was to look at your profile, would I know instantly what do you stand for? If you’re profile is a picture of a hot chick and all the links talk about easy money then I’m afraid to say that like most sensible people I will instantly click away from your profile and sigh out of frustration that someone has told you that was a good idea.

I want to see someone who’s made an effort to start telling a story about what they want to achieve with the internet and what their little corner of the online world looks like. Personally I like to buy products on recommendation and look forward to seeing how people are able to convince me that I need another product to solve a problem, or more software to make things easier.

If you don’t have a story to tell, then I suggest you start thinking about creating one for yourself as in today’s digital age the leader’s are all able to instantly able to generate traffic, and one social share could be enough to change your life.

I look forward to comments here and over at the blog carnival where Nick has set up a little reward for those of you are actually looking to get noticed in the traffic exchange community and wider niches.


Read This Later - Click Here

About the author: Andrew is a scientist who happens to know a lot about the technical aspects of blogging and listbuilding. If you have an issue with wordpress or your autoresponder and setting up squeezepages please get in touch via email / twitter or hire him on fiverr.

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  • Jon Olson August 12, 2015, 9:40 pm

    Love it man….Love the example of putting personality into your business.

    Far too much black and white….We need some grey with purple dots thrown in!

    The world has enough ‘average’, it’s time for us to be remarkable.

    • Andrew Stark August 13, 2015, 5:19 pm

      Thanks Jon,

      If I’m going to spend some money on something and I know someone’s going to earn a commission on it, then I want that sale to go to someone who I think deserves it, rather than the person who got their link to the top of the search engines and is part of a larger faceless organisation.

      The world is a better place when you buy things from real people who are passionate, and that’s why social media is allowing small business to really take off and your +1 theory is the perfect fit to show people what can happen if you just be yourself and keep on taking small steps.


  • Tom Wacker August 13, 2015, 10:33 am

    Great post Andrew! This might be the quote of the year!

    “Rinse and repeat everyday – if you get bored then you’ve picked the wrong niche!”

    Action words and verbs. That’s the way to get things done!

    Thanks for a great post!

    • Andrew Stark August 13, 2015, 5:32 pm

      Hi Tom,

      I’ve got some social media graphics on my PC, I might just see if can become a viral image for sharing? Thanks for giving me even more ideas of things to do…


  • Diana Grinyer August 16, 2015, 5:24 pm

    I really am not sure how to begin. Although I
    have been ‘hanging around’for about five years,
    I have rarely reached out to anyone in the TE
    community. I originally wanted to participate
    in affiliate marketing using TE’s as my major
    advertising source. I had no idea what I was doing
    but I did notice this TE named ‘I Love Hits”
    owned by Jon Olson. I joined, left, came back,
    and have been going around in circles. I think
    the best thing I can do is participate daily. I
    do not know Jon, but I respect the effect he has
    had on the TE community. I do not blog and I shy
    away from ‘social media’, so I guess I need
    Andrew’s help. 🙂

    • Andrew Stark August 17, 2015, 7:50 pm

      Hi Diana,

      You just need to be yourself and work out how to make online friends. Once you have this then suddenly connections and opportunities arise from everywhere. Just remember to set yourself monthly limits on how much time and money you can afford to invest in your online adventure.

  • Diana Grinyer August 17, 2015, 2:05 pm

    Hi Andrew,

    Yes, I enjoyed the blog carnival and
    also your post (above). It is nice to
    see what others are thinking and doing.


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