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Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

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Now matter how bad you think you’re internet business is going you should always try to look on the bright side of life.

In my day job I’ve spent 10 years making molecules, and none of them have made it onto the market to actually make any money for the company. But on the plus side I was able to significantly reduce the cost, find a way to manufacture on a commercial scale from suitable raw materials, and reduce the environmental impact.

We’ve also written scientific papers highlighting how we’ve taken novel academic ideas and turned them into useful reactions that we have applied to other molecules. 

At the moment what I’m working on has a 2% chance of making it to the market, so I guess getting used to failure is important.

How To Apply Failure To My Online Business?

When I launched BuildAQualityList I made a profit, but by focusing in on the product creation side of things and promoting it via the warrior forum the mistake I made was relying on the buyers to go out and spread the word.

Last time I did a dime sale the people who bought went on to bring in most of the sales, and this time it hasn’t happened. So now I need to go out and do the hard work myself. So if you already have a list and want to help me it would be cool if you could  join the affiliate programme and used the brilliant email swipe file 🙂

Just to let you know I currently have a zero percent refund rate, so rest assured I will be adding value to your subscribers, and perhaps the real trouble is that I’m selling what people need rather than what they want?

So just because I didn’t hit my initial target, I have not given up, and I still believe that by taking a different approach I will achieve that initial goal, just the time frame has had to be extended. 

The beauty of having an evergreen listbuilding product is that the content will be still be valid in 6 months time 🙂

Traffic Generation Involves Work

So I’ve gone back to drawing board and gone back to what I know best, my revamped safelist secrets squeezepage is converting at over 3% across lots of different sites and at least a dozen of them have generated leads and the sales equate to that magical $1 per new subscriber.

This means that I will soon be able to hire, hence I bought this JVZoo product of the day about outsourcing traffic generation and run a proper business rather than being a soloprenuer.

Remember It’s Good To Fail

If everything we tried worked then I would drive a maserati, have a holiday home by a sunny beach, be able to run 5 k in < 20 minutes, and have a happy healthy family.

Now if everything you do is failing and you don’t know why then it may be wise to limit your losses.

If I’d spent 3 months making the product, then made almost no sales, got a high refund rate, and had to use credit to fund the project then yes it may be time to wise up and cut my losses. Go back to the drawing board and create a product faster that people actually want – see this post from John Thornhill

By learning from failure you will come back stronger and wiser. 

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About the author: Andrew is a scientist who happens to know a lot about the technical aspects of blogging and listbuilding. If you have an issue with wordpress or your autoresponder and setting up squeezepages please get in touch via email / twitter or hire him on fiverr.

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  • Nick Grimshawe October 22, 2012, 10:28 pm

    Thanks for a very positive article about failing. I love what you say about your success at your day job building molecules for the company you work for with a very low sell rate…LOL. It’s encouraging to understand that failure is really the avenue to success…as long as you learn something along the way.

    I’ll soon be in my new digs and able to really focus again, on building a viable list.

    Nick Grimshawe recently posted..You No Hava Speaka the HTML to Create Your Own Blog

  • Gabe Johansson October 23, 2012, 1:13 am

    The 3% conversion rate makes me cringe, but I used safelists and TEs for a solid year and know that’s actually really good! I would have been pumped for a 1% conversion at the time.

    Now I have been getting back into using List Builders with some decent results. Still my best traffic sources are super/network solos, forums, my blog, and solo ads (from safe-swaps and soloaddirectory).

    It all does take work, that’s for sure. This is a really good post to remind me that it can be tough but is definitely worth it!

    Thanks a bunch,
    -Gabe Johansson
    Gabe Johansson recently posted..Want Hundreds Of Subscribers FAST? (Slightly Funny Video)

  • Patrick Griffin October 23, 2012, 2:28 pm

    Great post.
    Setbacks happen to all of us…it is how we deal with them that matters.
    On a side issue…making molecules sounds interesting.

  • Tim Bonner October 23, 2012, 3:55 pm

    Hey Andrew

    Love the Monty Python video and the positive vibes you’re giving out in this post!

    I tried to give you a hand with Build A Quality List but my list isn’t that big yet. Don’t give up though. Zero refunds is great!
    Tim Bonner recently posted..Are You Real Or Are You A Fake?

  • Matt Morgan October 29, 2012, 9:11 am

    Hello Andrew, how are you doing today?

    Yes, many people have done well and succeeded and then failed.
    Failure should be seen as a process which can you can learnt from.

    Mistakes get made, but you can learn from these and not make them again.

    Here are some tips:
    -Learn from your mistakes, there were there for you
    -Hurdles can be overcome
    -Nothing is impossible
    -it takes a man to stand up and admit to his failures
    -What works for some body, might not work for you
    -What works for you might not work for somebody else.
    -Keep trying and trying until you get to the next level.

    There is no shame in failing, keep trying and learn from the mistakes you make. Otherwise you will get there, keep working hard

    Matt Morgan

    • Andrew Stark October 29, 2012, 8:13 pm

      Hi Matt,

      What a great first comment, hope that you’re able to keep coming back.


  • Bruno Babic October 30, 2012, 3:49 pm

    Hi Andrew,

    Having just visited your site for the first time ever after I’ve found your comment on Sergio Felix’s blog, I honestly feel comfortable learning about you and especially, knowing that you could potentially help me out with some “scary” technical stuff for successfully running my internet marketing business.

    After my 7 year long painful and agonizing struggles to start to make any money online, I am now looking to speed up the process of building up my list of subscribers by driving traffic to my squeeze page and also attracting the first visitors to my blog that I’ve lately started.

    Well, here’s the deal and my actual plan that I’d like to share with you.

    As soon as I start making my first sales online, I am immediately going to start investing the earned money in hiring the best possible freelancers who could help me with the technical side of running and automating my online business. It looks to me that you could well be one of the candidates. 🙂

    Now, obviously I don’t want to spam you by posting the link to my squeeze page here. However, if you could somehow help me drive traffic to that squeeze page where I am, by the way, promoting a high value 1 hour long free webinar of the well known internet marketer Alex Jeffreys after which there’s a $97 product offer, I am more than happy to straightaway start investing part of the money earned from my first $97 sale in hiring somebody who can help me drive more traffic to my squeeze page.

    As for the title of your post, I must say that it absolutely resonates with me because if I didn’t stay being positive over all these years I would’ve probably died or earned cancer or a similar disease. So, thanks for posting it. 🙂

    Any notes of your encouragement through commenting on my blog will be more than welcome and appreciated.

    In advance many thanks.


    • Andrew Stark November 1, 2012, 7:56 pm

      Hi Bruno

      Great to see that you have yourname.com and are looking at listbuilding.

      I’ll post a link over at your blog to a fiverr gig I do that will help you out.


  • James Hughes November 1, 2012, 7:57 am

    Hi Andrew

    I’m glad I’ve discovered your blog. It makes you think.

    It’s not the usual business content it contains that bit extra.

    I like this post about failure rate, it’s very interesting.

    Cheers Andrew, keep providing the cool content mate


    • Andrew Stark November 1, 2012, 8:00 pm

      Thanks James, in this market it’s important to stand out and build your own brand rather than follow the sheep who are just doing what the ebook they bought told them to do.


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