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A Tale Of 2 Videos…

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This is a review explaining why I purchased Monkey Playr to help me grow my business.

I’ve been posting video on this site for many years, and here’s is some evergreen content from back in September 2012 where I’m having a rant at someone who’s pretending to be an expert in the list building niche, but is making multiple mistakes.


Now here’s exactly the same video, but I spent 1 minute tinkering with it in Monkey Playr

At first glance you probably won’t notice that much difference, but here’s 6 key features that made me purchase this product for long term use.

#1 The video size is set at 640 px wide which is the right size for web viewers on a normal monitor, and the setting is responsive which means that mobile device viewers will also have a good experience.

#2 I’ve taken off the youtube title of the video. This feature might not bring much to the party in this blog post, but with video’s I want to use on squeezepages or salespages this makes a massive difference as you want people to focus immediately on the content.

#3 I could have made the video autoplay and start at a specific point of the video. Again not always required, but if you want to share a specific part of a 1 hour TED lecture or skip to the best part of a cat video this is brilliant.

Also think about salesvideo or squeezepages where you have to click to start the video? Which do you think is going to give you the better conversion rate?

#4 You want to share other people’s content but they have put in annoying captions or self promotion links embedded into the video which will take traffic away from your site. It’s one click to turn these off and give your viewers the best possible experience.

#5 All the other video player software packages that offer these features rely on you hosting your own videos via amazonS3 or other similar paid services. With youtube being the free way to host videos online that means you can have all these premium features without the recurring costs 🙂

#6 I’ve saved the best until last. I’ve turned off the “show related videos” which means that your viewer will remain focused on your message and take the action you want, be that leaving a comment, filling in your opt-in form, or clicking the Buy button.

Overall I really hope that if you use video in any of your online marketing that you can see the value in these features. Like all other monkey products it’s super simple to use as it’s web based, and you just paste a line of code where you want the video to appear.

Monkey Playr Is Awesome

Read This Later - Click Here

About the author: Andrew is a scientist who happens to know a lot about the technical aspects of blogging and listbuilding. If you have an issue with wordpress or your autoresponder and setting up squeezepages please get in touch via email / twitter or hire him on fiverr.

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