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What Is The Point Of Blogging?

This is probably a daft question on a site where during the whole of 2017 I didn’t actually write anything, yet I continued to pay hosting fees, and I think I even bought some plugins.

However, for me the whole point of having a blog is that it gives you a digital home to bring all the things that you hold close to you and use your freedom of speech to write what you want / promote what you want.

As an individual in the modern age I think it’s imperative that you own a little bit of the internet and have enough knowledge to work out how the internet works and give yourself the power to publish content and see what the world thinks about your ideas.

I appreciate that sounds scary, but when you look at the world of social media and personal branding, it’s super easy to create a banner with yourbrand.com or say it in the intro / outro of any video you make.

My kids are always watching “plonkers” on youtube who annoyingly make a fortune, but they’re clever marketer’s who divert traffic from that channel to their own website where they have a lot more monetization options than you would have if they didn’t own a blog / brand. In fact I’ve just googled them, and they have shop selling their own dog calender’s and surprise surprise you can also join their mailing list.

Like most things worth doing, blogging does have a hurdle you need to jump over to get started. You need to buy a domain, buy some hosting, and spend some time on youtube / google learning how to get started with wordpress. Should you get stuck hundreds of courses are available to help you get started, and most are available for a small fee.

Anyone who says that’s too difficult or expensive probably has the wrong attitude, and is probably that person on facebook who’s the first person looking to piss on your chips when you have good news to share.

In conclusion if you have a story to share and want to make friends and connections across the world then it’s time to start blogging and push yourself out of your comfort zone.


Why Greed Is Definitely A Sin…

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, mainly due to a lot of my time being taken up my new and profitable hobby of Match Betting (see banner in sidebar).

I just noticed that it’s been 200 days since I started, and over that time period I’ve deposited £11,318.50 into multiple bookmaker accounts, withdrawn £12,864.49, and have a balance of £1,207.97 which gives me a grand total profit of £2,753.96 (all tax free thanks to UK laws being changed years ago).

Now this is where greed comes into the post as I want to share with you some examples of why that profit figure is not around £3,500 🙁

Greed #1

With match betting you have to accept a qualify loss in order to qualify for a bonus from the bookmaker which is where you generate the profit from. My trouble was that I started to get too confident and overlay a few horses I shouldn’t have done. This means that when the outsider I backed at the bookmaker won it meant I had to pay out a significant amount more on the exchange than I won.

So to try and recoup this loss I decided to start putting money on the real outsiders, and suddenly I found that a 20/1 horse romped home and my £10 easy profit turned into a huge £200 loss.

Greed #2

Scottish League cup, it was the 90th minute and the game was 0-0. I decided it was all over and put £100 on the game to end in a draw, and again make a quick £10 profit. Sadly Aberdeen decided to score and that meant I was left crying into my beer with that £100 lost forever. It was even more painful as they put out the mighty St Johnstone who are the nearest team to my home town.

Greed #3

I had a big win into one account, so decided to try and lose it to the exchange in the Ryder Cup singles by backing every player who went one down. This worked well for the first five matches, and I even managed to lock in some profit through the joys of in-play movement in the markets.

Then it came to Lee Westwood, he’s someone who I think always bottles it, so I decided to just leave him as a normal bet and keep all the profit when Ryan Moore won. Fast forward to hole 15 where Lee is now 2 up with 3 to play and is now odds on favourite to win and cost me my £25 stake.

So in another I account I decide to place a £50 bet on him to win and recoup most of my stake.

Fast forward to hole 17 and he’s now all square, which means I lose £75.

As they tee off the odds for the tie are even, so in a rush of blood to the head I place £100 on the draw, and I’ll come out on profit. I mean the whole Ryder Cup will be lost if he fails to get a simple par 4.

Next thing I know he’s in a bunker and is further away than Moore who’s played a shot less.

Suddenly that £25 loss has turned in a £12.50 profit at the original bookmaker whilst the extra £150 cover bets have both lost. By chasing the money and being greedy I’ve lost all the profit I’d made during the previous 2 days of betting on the golf, horses, and football.

Moral Of The Story

Bookmakers will always win if you start betting when you assume you have a sure fire winner or you think that an outsider will never win and you risk hundreds to make tens.

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How Do You Turn Traffic Into Cash?

This post relates to why I think that FunnelBoss by Omar Martin is a worthy product to invest in.

You see not all pages are created equally on the internet, and some no matter how much time, effort, and money that people spend on promotion are always going to result in heartache and failure. This is normally down to a lack of conversion and ability to convert the visitor into a loyal customer.

Sure some pages convert and generate leads and sales, but most of these are sites are short term launch cash cows that lead to a boom and bust strategy. What’s more is that you can get in the downward race to the bottom where you feel that you’ve always got to be promoting “silver bullets” and that tends to lead to burnout of you and your list.

If you want to create a long term sustainable online business then you need to create a simple and highly profitable marketing funnel. That means that you (and your affiliates) drive traffic to a low priced offer and then you present a series of higher priced offers to find the real loyal customers who will spend thousands of dollars with you on seminars and coaching products.

It’s essentially the same model that huge multi-national companies use all the time. You go to your favourite  department store and as you walk in they have staff giving out samples of perfume and aftershave. Most of the people just walk on by as they’re looking for the electrical items or clothes section, but some will stop and take that free sample.

Like squeezepages on the internet the store / fragrance company will ask you to give them your contact details in return for the free sample. The salesperson handing out the samples may also be armed with voucher codes that allow the customer to buy today at a discounted rate. Essentially this is the “One Time Offer” where you’re recouping the cost of the freebie through increased sales on the day.

Now whilst it’s nice to make that profit on the day you can start to see how it’s not a long term model as the moment you stop giving away samples you see a sharp decline in sales and revenue 🙁

The real money is made through using that list of people who took the freebie and turning them into loyal customers. In the follow-up series you move away from just selling perfume, and you start to sell an experience and lifestyle.

Think back to how the lead was generated, they were shopping in a department store, so although they took the free fragrance sample that company knows where they like to shop, and should be able to team up with other partners to create special deals and offers that will interest all shoppers.

For example the cross over between fragrance and clothes is easy to imagine, likewise into handbags and other luxury consumer goods. By offering a wider funnel of related goods you’re able to sell more at higher prices and have customers waiting for your messages to see what the newest “must have” product is going to be.

Isn’t this wider funnel approach better than the narrow approach used by so many daft affiliate marketers who all following the same herd in the race to the bottom?

So if you want to learn a better more enjoyable and profitable approach where you learn how to turn your IM niche leads into customers who buy across the whole internet then you should be listening to what Omar is teaching inside The Funnel Boss.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



The Lost Art Of Story Telling And Edutainment

When it comes to buying stuff through email marketing I’ve found a common theme in the people who I let send me messages compared to those who I grow annoyed with and hit the unsubscribe button.

It’s not to do with the offer or the volume of messages, it’s about how much personality they inject into their messages, and how I’ve connected with them via their ability to tell stories. What I mean here is that some people will just drop in a few personal stories and relate it back to the product or service they’re selling.

That’s where the Edutainment comes in, which a term I heard Micheal Cheney talk about when he was using periscope. If you have enough passion to engage with your market place to provide entertainment at the same time as you educate them it’s a win win situation.

I know from sitting through many a presentation that the smartest people are not always the most entertaining. So once you decide what you want to learn you have to find a teacher who’s able to keep you awake and inspire you to soak up the information like a sponge and then apply it to your own situation.

Most of these people I know who are crushing it with email are customers of Ben Settle who advocates daily messages, and if you were to join his list you will learn a lot about how the real superstars do things vs those who listen to flakebook noise and the whiner forum where the wannabies spend too much time complaining about their lack of results.

Where possible if I’m buying an information product I want to know that commission being generated goes to a good home. I can’t remember who the quote originates from but I agree whole heatedly that  you buy things from people you “Know Like And Trust”. It could be Jeffery Gitomer, but the internet suggests it was Bob Burg, both of whom are have written awesome books and have done very in life through their ability to tell a good story.

So How Do You Create Value Via E-mail Marketing?

When you’ve decided to start building a list, the first thing you need to do is get yourself on camera and record a welcome message to new subscribers. Personally I do this on the confirm page where I explain how the download process works, and give a few details about myself.

Within 5 minutes of joining my list you will have worked out that I have an accent (Scottish despite living in England since 2002) and that I’m not afraid to recommend products and services that I use in my pursuit of internet marketing glory.

Assuming people get past that stage they get a follow-up series that explains the type of values I have, and why I think that you should invest in yourself through having a blog, building your list, and promoting stuff that is affordable and if acted upon will result in a positive return on that investment.

Then during the follow-up I will also drop in a few links to my social media profiles, so on twitter you will be able to see that I’m a scientist (process chemistry in pharmaceuticals) in my day job, I have a wife and 2.5 daughter’s to look after.

You will also find out that I’m a level 2 seller on Fiverr, and if you’re stuck with the technical side of list building I’m a great person to hire and help move you forward with your project. It really annoys me how many people claim to be experts yet can’t even set up a basic funnel correctly.

Ultimately the key thing is to be yourself and avoid the pitfalls of listening to people who just want your money and don’t care that it’s snake oil they’re selling.

Look forward to reading your comments about who you think is good at story telling and Edutainment.



Be Bold, Be Different, Be Yourself

We live in exciting times, you can now hit a few buttons on your smart device and thanks to the internet you can share experiences and thoughts with people right across the globe.

Yes, we’re talking about live streaming via sites such as Periscope

But with such great power comes great responsibility, and more importantly great pressure (especially if you want to try and promote any online marketing product / service). The trouble with live streaming is that if you can’t stick to a script then you quickly run out of things to say.

If you’re going to successful then you need to use your own personality and enthusiasm, which means that you need to have a passion or connection with your audience about what the subject matter you’re going to talk about.

So if you just have some affiliate links it’s going to be difficult to get anyone excited, but if you own a blog or product then it’s easy to talk about your domain or even better have it written down on a handy piece of paper that you can put onto the screen.

But what if I don’t have any passion?

Well to me that sounds like you’ve make a classic mistake and are promoting something for the money rather than because you believe in the product. When it comes to the make money online niche you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince, and many people will even marry their frog thinking one day it will magically convert to a prince and give them unlimited success and a kingdom.

When I have the time to do some surfing at traffic exchange or clicking mailers it always does amaze me how many faceless affiliates all use the same outdated pages / tactics and waste so much effort promoting all the wrong things.

So please decide to invest your time in promoting something that you’re passionate about.

Once you try live streaming and make connections with like minded people, and that’s when you build up friendships, trust, and that’s when you suddenly find good things just happen.


p.s. Feel free to drop a link to your social media profile in the comments.